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Cédric Marszewski, also known as Pilooski, is a French DJ. After touring numerous places (mainly France & Europe) and producing in diverse styles of music ranging from D'N'B (Vendome.rec) to the Hip & the Hop (Groove vibration) Pilooski has recorded as both an independent artist and with several Record Labels. He is best known for remixes of songs from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. He created theme music for an Adidas advertisement, remixing the Frankie Valli song Beggin ‘. Another campaign used his remix of Dee EdwardsWhy Can’t There Be Love?, the remix of the song and the song itself have gained widespread popularity ever since, as well as the "Celebrating Originality on the Streets" campaign.

Pilooski's style has been noted for its atypical standards, and his outstanding beat and remarkable usage of diverse musical influences is reflected in both his original work and remixes or covers, in which he is able to preserve the spirit and sentiment of the original creations while impregnating his personal label upon the songs.

After the international release of his remix of Why Can't There Be love?, Pilooski's originality caught the attention of the online-downloads based audience, giving him the opportunity to encounter more publicity contracts, as well as keeping a stable position to be considered for further Adidas collaborations.


Studio Album Record Label Year of release
Piloo (7") P Sounds 2002
A Peu Près Diamond Traxx 2003
A Peu Près (12") Diamond Traxx 2003
A Peu Près (12", W/Lbl) Diamond Traxx 2003
Can't There Be Love (12") Diamond Traxx 2006
A Digital Catastrophee (12") Omertà Registrazione 2007
Love Is Wet (10") Astro Lab Recordings 2007
Wctbl (7", S/Sided, Ltd, Blu) Astro Lab Recordings 2008
Rvng Of The Nrds Vol. 10 Rvng Intl. 2010
Isola Dirty (3) – DL 19 2015



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