The Pilot (What I Like About You)

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What I Like About You episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Production code 475352
Original air date September 20, 2002
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"Spa Day"
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"The Pilot" is the 1st episode of the first season of the now defunct WB Network comedy What I Like About You. It originally aired on September 20, 2002.


When her father accepts a promotion overseas in Japan, high-spirited 16-year-old Holly has no plans to head to Japan with him. She decides she'd rather live in the New York City with her "strait-laced" sister, Valerie. In the opener, Holly's attempts to prove herself a perfect roommate backfire when she misinterprets a remark about Feng Shui and rearranges the apartment. To make matters worse, Holly jeopardizes Val's job with a marketing firm when she disrupts a promotional event featuring skateboarder Tony Hawk.


  • Jeff: I think you want whoosh. When you're talking rockets, bang is bad.
  • Jeff: [To Val who is lying in her bed in the kitchen] Do you want me to get you a night light, or should I just crack the fridge?
  • Holly: [To the door] Don't be locked. Don't be locked. Why be locked?
  • Holly: Hey, what's my bra doing under here? (looks at bra) Hello! Not my bra!
  • Holly: I gotta kiss a whole new level of butt!
  • Gary (to Holly) I don't want you moving to Japan! Have you seen their trees? They're like yea big!
  • Gary: There's one thing I'm good at: swallowing stuff, like circus good! Seriously, when I was five, I swallowed my Mr. Potato Head's legs, arms, and both noses! And let me tell you: swallowing it was the easy part!
  • Val: (about Roberta) Remember how she would sit in that chair for hours wearing her depressing black clothes and hating pop culture? (imitates Roberta) "I'm Roberta, Spielberg sucks!"
  • Holly: (to kid with skateboard) Okay, you wanna kiss me or swallow my head?
  • Holly: (to Val) You have an eye. One tiny move and you open up the whole room!
  • Jeff: Yeah, it's like a cathedral in here!
  • Jeff: (after Val puts the picture back) Aw, the room's little again!
  • Jeff: (to Val while trying to push the mattress into the bedroom) I have a situation.
  • Val: What kind of situation?
  • Jeff: Uh, this mattress is kicking my butt situation!


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