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Pilot Magazine (UK) is a monthly general aviation magazine based in the UK. It is 'Britain's best selling GA magazine'.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Pilot was launched in 1966.[2] The former publisher was Lernhurst Publications Limited.[2] The magazine is a part of Archant Specialist, from Archant Publishing.[3][4] The headquarters is in Essex.[2]

The editor since 2011 is Philip Whiteman, who was deputy editor under James Gilbert, who served as editor and publisher before the magazine was acquired by Archant. Philip owns and operates a Piper Cub.[5]

The magazine also operates PilotWeb, on which there is news, overviews of the magazine, forums and information for beginners in aviation.[6]

The editor between 2005 and 2011 was Nick Bloom who still regularly writes for the magazine.


The magazine typically contains a news section, a number of flight tests and buyers guides, a section detailing what is involved in various flying activities, an 'adventure flying' section, an engineering section, and a historic aircraft news section.[7]


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