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Background information
OriginTexarkana, Texas, United States
GenresIndie pop, Indie rock, Experimental
Years active2004 - present
LabelsGood Records
MembersKelly Carr
Past membersEric Russell
John David Blagg
Micah Dorsey
Jay Budzilowski
Ben Rice

Pilotdrift is an American experimental rock band formed in Texarkana, Texas. Their sound has been described as an experimental mixing bowl, with ingredients including space rock, cinematic orchestral music, jazz, psychedelic rock, dark n' dusty westerns, future pop, spoken word, electro-indie, folk etc. They have toured the U.S and Canada with the likes of The Polyphonic Spree, Supergrass, Eisley, Midlake, and Guster as well as played shows with The Album Leaf, Jon Brion, Devotchka, Akron Family, Angels of Light, Dios (Malos) and more. They have also had their music featured in TV shows like TLC's Deadliest Catch and The Messengers.


Pilotdrift consists of singer-songwriter Kelly Carr. Started in 2004 with his best friend singer-songwriter Micah Dorsey, the pair formed Pilotdrift with fellow friends Ben Rice, Jay Budzilowski, Eric Russell, and John David Blagg. They played their first show with the self-released album titled Iter Facere, which was a mix of Carr's songs and Dorsey's songs. A fan base quickly grew, and Pilotdrift began playing more shows to bigger crowds at further distances. Eventually they crossed paths with Eisley, Midlake, and the staff of GoodRecords, fusing close friendships of encouragement. Soon they would play an in-store show at GoodRecords where the owner and leading visionary of The Polyphonic Spree (Tim DeLaughter) would be.

DeLaughter and his wife Julie Doyle were wanting to build an independent label called Good Records Recordings, and they wanted Pilotdrift to be the first signee. Although Pilotdrift agreed to sign, Dorsey started feeling that maybe life on the road wasn't all too compatible with him, and decided that before the band embarked on this new adventure, it would be a good time to step aside. And so, it was Carr and the boys that make up "The Drift".[1]

"The musical dots this band connects produces a visual journey worth it's [sic] weight in gold. This is truly a treasure. We at Good Records are all lucky we found it."[attribution needed]

On May 20, 2005, under the GoodRecordsRecordings umbrella, Pilotdrift released Water Sphere, which they consider their debut album. Half a rerecorded and remastered collection of Kelly's songs from the self release Iter Facere and half brand new songs from Carr. The album received a positive response from critics and fans.[citation needed]

Pilotdrift went on tours with The Spree, Eisley, Guster and Supergrass (one of Kelly's favorite bands).

In November 2011, Pilotdrift released the single "All These Things At One Time" from an upcoming album. The track features Micah Dorsey (now known as Moonstryder).

In 2018, former drummer Ben Rice was nominated for Record of the Year as producer of "Shallow" with Lady Gaga for the film A Star Is Born (2018 film).[2]



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