Pimenta Palace

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Pimenta Palace
Native name
Portuguese: Palácio Pimenta
Museu cidade lisboa.JPG
Pimenta Palace
Location Lisbon, Portugal

Pimenta Palace (Portuguese: Palácio Pimenta) is an 18th-century Portuguese palace located in Lisbon, Portugal.


The palace was constructed by order of King John V of Portugal in the mid-18th century for his mistress Paula Teresa da Silva e Almeida, a nun of the Monastery of São Dinis in Odivelas, Portugal.

The Museum of the City of Lisbon was installed in the palace on July 15, 1909, by approval of the Minister of Finances, Tomás António da Guarda Cabreira. Initially installed in City Hall, the museum passed through the Carmo Convent, Mitra Palace, and Galveias Palace until its complete installation in Pimenta Palace in 1979.