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Pina Conti is an Australian contortionist from Perth. She has performed in many countries worldwide as well as Australia. A former dancer she turned to contortion and appeared in a local television talent show. In the mid-1980s she gained widespread exposure as the girl in the Second Skin pantyhose advertising campaign (incl. billboards), performing a contortion move called a headsit, with the caption "For Working Girls In Any Position". And later to follow "Now We're In A Better Position Than Ever". In 1985 she performed on the talent show New Faces. During the 1990s she performed nightly on the Sydney Showboat as the speciality act in Bobby Limbs International Cabaret Show. She has appeared in the movie Moulin Rouge! in a dance number as La Ko Ka Chau. Although her scenes were cut from the theatrical release they are included in the DVD in the extended scenes. She also appeared in the Moulin Rouge collectors edition movie book. Pina was featured in episode 1.12 of the TV series Beastmaster as a contortionist."BeastMaster: episode guide series 1".  She has also appeared in numerous corporate marketing campaigns & launches across the globe. Pina has been invited to speak and perform at the I.C.C (International Contortion Conference) globally. She coaches selective private contortion/acrobatic lessons in her free time.


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