Pinandagatan Falls

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Pinandagatan Falls
Pinandagatan Falls, Brgy. New Tubigon, Sibagat.jpg
Pinandagatan Falls in Sibagat, Agusan del Sur, Philippines
LocationSibagat, Agusan del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines
Total height16.8 m (55.1 ft)
Number of drops2
Average width80 feet (24 m)

Pinandagatan Falls is located in a far-flung barangay of New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. It is one of the tourist attractions of Sibagat, Agusan del Sur.


Pinandagatan from the word "dagatan" is a Visayan language term meaning "lake", the falls is hidden in the middle of the forest and believed to be the longest running waterfalls in Caraga Region.


Pinandagatan Falls is located in the hinterland forest in Barangay New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur.

The falls is untouched, a hidden paradise, with so many tiers to immerse deep into the forest. Going to is not easy with a 31-kilometer bumpy ride of muddy trek of uneven surface. It is now a popular hiking trail.[1][2]

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