Pinantan Lake

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Pinantan Lake
Pinantan Lake is located in British Columbia
Pinantan Lake
Pinantan Lake
LocationBritish Columbia
Coordinates50°43′25″N 120°01′22″W / 50.723673°N 120.022888°W / 50.723673; -120.022888Coordinates: 50°43′25″N 120°01′22″W / 50.723673°N 120.022888°W / 50.723673; -120.022888
Basin countriesCanada

Pinantan Lake is a small community located about 20 minutes out of Kamloops, BC.

It is home to a general store, a resort, a small school and about 500 residents.

The lake itself is actually two parts, usually referred to as Big Pinantan and Little Pinantan. It is a small lake that only allows electric motors.

The name Pinantan means shoe or moccasin in traditional Aboriginal language. It was named this because its shape resembles a moccasin.

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