Pinax (software)

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Original author(s) James Tauber [1]
Developer(s) The Pinax community
Initial release May 2008 (2008-05)
Stable release
16.04[2] / April 29, 2016; 10 months ago (2016-04-29)
Written in Python
Type Web development platform
License MIT License[3]

Pinax is an open source platform for rapidly developing websites, based on the Django web application framework, written in Python,[4] and created by James Tauber.

It came out of an effort to further the use of reusable apps, to make a more accessible bundle of the many components already available for Django,[5] and enabling rapid development of different kinds of web sites.

During its initial development, Pinax was used to create a social networking web site, later spun off as Cloud27.[6]

Pinax is influential in the Django community, being used e.g. to build the DjangoCon and PyCon web sites. [7] It could be seen as a competitor to large, open source, content management frameworks such as Drupal and Plone.[8][9]

Pinax was initially announced with the name Tabula Rasa,[10] but it was changed to Pinax a few days later.[11]