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Pinchas A. Stolper (born October 22, 1931) is an Orthodox rabbi, writer, and has been a spokesman for Orthodoxy through his writings and books popularizing Orthodox Judaism.


Stolper is a disciple of Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner and studied at the Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin and at its Kollel Gur Aryeh in Brooklyn. He holds degrees from Brooklyn College and the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research.

He was the founder and National Director of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth (NCSY) of the Orthodox Union. He subsequently served for close to twenty years as the head of the Orthodox Union as its executive vice-president.

Stolper currently lives in Chicago, Illinois and prays at Congregation Kahal Adas Yeshurun-Anshe Knesses Yisrael in the West Rogers Park neighborhood.


Stolper has published:

  • Pesach (NCSY, first published 1962)
  • Tested Teen Age Activities NCSY, first published 1964)
  • Revelation what Happened on Sinai? (NCSY, first published 1966)
  • Jewish Alternatives in Love, Dating and Marriage (NCSY, first published 1967). Renamed: The Sacred Trust: Love, Dating and Marriage: The Jewish View
  • How do I Know it is Kosher (NCSY, first published 1968)
  • Real Messiah: A Jewish Response to Missionaries (NCSY, first published 1976)
  • Purim in a New Light: Mystery, Grandeur and Depth: Revealed through the writings of Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner (Israel Book Shop, first published 2003)
  • Living Beyond Time: The Mystery and Meaning of the Jewish Festivals (Shaar Press/ArtScroll, first published 2003)
  • Chanukah in a New light: Grandeur, Heroism and Depth: As revealed through the writings of Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner' (Israel Book Shop, first published 2005)


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