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The Pincheira brothers (Spanish: Hermanos Pincheira) was an infamous royalist outlaw group in Chile and Argentina active from 1818 to 1832. The gang fought initially in the Chilean War of Independence as royalist guerrillas during the Guerra a muerte phase. After Vicente Benavides was executed and the royalist resistance collapsed they eventually became isolated as the only remaining royalist group in mainland Chile. Later they specialized on cattle raiding and robbery. With the surrender of Spanish controlled Chiloé Archipelago in 1826 they became the last remants of royalist resistance in South America. The Pincheira brothers formed an alliance with the Boroanos tribe that had settled in Salinas Grandes and Sierra de la Ventana and attacked with them Carmen de Patagones and Fortaleza Protectora Argentina.

“February 10, 1827: Señor Coronel Buchefe. De lo que prebiene del indulto no podemos porque no somos solos que peliamos pues ustedes saben que el portugues aliado se halla peliando en Buenos ayres i si ustedes gustan invernar invernen que no les hace ningun perjuicio. Bien bedo yo del que no tengo fuerzas para contra Restar con ustedes i aci si V. Me busca si me esta a cuenta atacare i de no me andare por los campos. José Antonio Pincheira.”.

— José Antonio Pincheira response to the ultimatum of rendition sent by colonel Beauchef ;The last royalist of America.[1]

In 1827 the colonel Jorge Beauchef ,under the orders of Chilean general Manuel Bulnes crossed the Andes and defeated the Pincheira brothers in the battle of Epulafquén,but unfinished with them. Finally the year 1832, J A Pincheyra(Piñeyra) signed the surrender in the name of the king of Spain.