Pincher Creek (provincial electoral district)

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Pincher Creek is a former provincial electoral district that existed from 1905 to 1940.

Election results[edit]

1905 general election[edit]

Returning Officer[1]
James H. Schofield

The Pincher Creek electoral district was created in 1905 when Alberta became a province independent of the Northwest Territories. The district in its original boundaries occupied the southwestern region of the province when it was first created. The first general election held in the Pincher Creek electoral district turned into a hotly contested four way race. Large portions of the population worked as coal miners in the mountains while the foothills provided prime land for cattle ranching.

1905 Alberta general election results[2] Turnout Unknown
Affiliation Candidate Votes %
  Liberal John Marcellus 550 ?%
     United Mine Workers Labor Frank Sherman 436 ?%
  Conservative John Kemmis 410 ?%
Total 1,396 100%
Rejected, Spoiled and Declined Unknown

The provincial Liberal candidate in the election was local rancher John Marcellus.[3] The provincial Conservatives ran John Kemmis. The third party candidate in the race was Frank Sherman who stood as a Labor candidate representing the United Mine Workers Union.[4] Rounding out the field was Independent candidate Charles Kettles.[5] Kettles was well known for founding the Pincher Creek townsite in 1882 when he worked for the North-West Mounted Police and served as a Department of Indian Affairs employee.[6] He also ran a grocery store C. Kettles & Co.[7] He dropped out of the race in time to have his name stricken off the ballot.[8]

On election night the race between Marcellus and Sherman seesawed back and forth. At one time during the night Marcellus had conceded his defeat as Sherman pulled ahead in first place. However the election turned as the final polls brought in favorable results for Marcellus leading him to a close victory. Kemmis ran a close third through the evening.

1909 general election[edit]


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