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Pinchface speaking between songs at a Buckethead show at the Southgate House, in Newport, KY
Background information
Birth nameMichael Andrew Hakopian [1]
Also known asPinch Pinchy, Karl, Buns of Steel, Pincher
GenresExperimental rock, heavy metal
Occupation(s)Drummer and bassist, real estate agent
InstrumentsDrums and bass guitar
Years active1991–present

Michael Andrew Hakopian, better known as Pinchface is the drummer of the Deli Creeps, Giant Robot II, and the Cornbugs. He has also appeared on numerous Buckethead albums, such as Population Override and Giant Robot (tracks "I Come In Peace" and "Star Wars"). He has also appeared on numerous occasions in Buckethead's Binge Clip Videos. In 2006 he toured the United States with Buckethead and Delray Brewer. He also works as a real estate agent according to his Facebook page.[2][3]


With the Deli Creeps[edit]

  • Demo Tape - 1991
  • Demo Tape - 1996
  • Dawn of the Deli Creeps - 2005

With Buckethead[edit]

With Gorgone[edit]

  • Gorgone - 2005

With Cobra Strike[edit]

With Cornbugs[edit]

  • Spot the Psycho - 1999
  • How Now Brown Cow - 2001
  • Brain Circus - 2004
  • Donkey Town - 2004



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