Pinchi Lake

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Pinchi Lake
Pinchi Lake is located in British Columbia
Pinchi Lake
Pinchi Lake
Location of Pinchi Lake in British Columbia
Coordinates: 54°38′00″N 124°25′00″W / 54.63333°N 124.41667°W / 54.63333; -124.41667Coordinates: 54°38′00″N 124°25′00″W / 54.63333°N 124.41667°W / 54.63333; -124.41667
Country  Canada
Province  British Columbia

Pinchi Lake is a ghost town located in the Omineca Country region of British Columbia, Canada.[1] The town is situated north of Pinchi Lake, northwest of Fort St. James.[2]. The town was originally a settlement for a mercury mine.[3]


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