Pinchin Johnson & Associates

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Pinchin Johnson & Associates Ltd
Industry Paint
Fate Acquired
Successor Courtaulds
Founded 1834
Defunct 1968
Headquarters 4 Carlton Gardens, St James's, London, England
Products Paint and coatings

Pinchin Johnson & Associates Ltd was a major supplier of paints and coatings to industry and consumers in the first half of the 20th century.[1] It was an original constituent of the FT 30 index.[2]


The business was founded in 1834 as a producer of oils and turpentines in Silvertown, London. It grew by acquisition, buying up competitors such as Red Hand and Docker Brothers, with divisions in London, Birmingham and Yorkshire.[3] It had larger operations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and India, and smaller operations in the United States of America, Nigeria and the Far East.[4]

Demise of the business[edit]

In 1960, PJA was acquired by Courtaulds who, in 1968, merged it with the International Paint business they had acquired earlier in the year.[4]


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