Pindar River

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Pindari river from Dwali

The Pindar River is a river in Uttarakhand, India.

Pindar or Pindari River originates from Pindari Glacier in Bageshwar. It passes small towns and villages like Devaal, Tharali, Kulsari, Harmani, Meeng, Narain Bagar, Nalgaon, Simli inhabited in Pindar Valley and finally merges with River Alaknanda at Karanprayag and thereafter flows as Alaknanda.


Meaning of River Ganga which is now consider National River Ganga as declared by Government of India(citation needed)

Uttarakhand is the motherland of National River Ganga. In Uttarakhand, the Ganga gets its name at Devprayag where ‘Bhagirathi Ganga’ and ‘Vishnupadi Alaknanda Ganga’ meet with all their tributaries. Viashnupadi Alaknandaganga has 5 PRAYAGs/ confluences named- Vishanuprayag (Dhouli-Alaknanda); Nandaprayag (Nandakini-Alaknanda);Karnaprayag (Pinder-Alaknanda); Rudraprayag (Mandakini-Alaknanda) and Devprayag (Alaknanda-Bhagirathi)

River Pinder is the only free flow tributary of National River Ganga.


Coordinates: 30°16′N 79°13′E / 30.267°N 79.217°E / 30.267; 79.217