Pine Mountain Range

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Pine Mountain Range
Pine Mountain
Highest point
Peak Dowdell's Knob
Elevation 1,395 ft (425 m)
Length 50 mi (80 km)
Country United States
State/Province Southern Rivers to Piedmont area of Georgia

The Pine Mountain Range is a long ridge in Meriwether County, Georgia, Harris County, Georgia, and Talbot County, Georgia. In fact, the highest altitudes in all three of these west Georgia counties can be found along the range.[1]

The Pine Mountain Range is part of a larger geological feature known as the Pine Mountain Terrane, which extends into eastern Alabama. The ridge in Georgia exceeds 1,100 feet of elevation for a distance of about 20 miles. These are the highest elevations at so southerly a latitude in the eastern half of the continental United States. (The entire Pine Mountain Terrane is geologically distinct from the Appalachian Range, which terminates farther north in Georgia and Alabama.)

The high point on the ridge (1395 ft.) is at Dowdell's Knob. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had a brick oven and picnic area constructed at this location for use during his many stays at his house in nearby Warm Springs. The Pine Mountain range begins around Lake Harding. At the extreme eastern end of the Pine Mountain ridge, it is intersected by the Flint River, forming the steep bluffs of Sprewell Bluff State Park.

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