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Pineapple Fund
EstablishedDecember 2017
FounderAnonymous / "Pine"
Typecharitable fund
5,057 bitcoins
Disbursements$55 million[1][2]

The Pineapple Fund was a philanthropic project by an anonymous individual which gave away 5,057 bitcoins to 60 charities. The amount was valued at $86 million in December 2017.[3][4][5][6][7] Some of the themes supported were medical research, environmental conservation, human rights and psychedelic therapy.


The Pineapple Fund was announced with a post on reddit on December 14, 2017. The individual used the pseudonym "Pine", and explained that "My aims, goals, and motivations in life have nothing to do with [..] being the mega rich. So I'm doing something else: donating the majority of my bitcoins to charitable causes".[6][8]

The individual behind the fund has remained pseudonymous, but says they have been involved in Bitcoin since the early days.[6] In an interview with Forbes, the individual says they suffer from borderline personality disorder, and made the decision to start the Pineapple Fund after undergoing experimental ketamine IV therapy which had a substantial improvement.[9]

An application form was made available on the website, open to all charities around the world. Speaking to the magazine Philanthropy, the founder said that more than 10,000 applications were received.[10]

After five months, a total of 5,104 bitcoins were donated and liquidated for a value of $55 million after exchange rate volatility.[11]


The fund's first donation was $1 million to Watsi, a charity for crowdfunding healthcare.[6]

The fund made its three largest donations of $5 million each to GiveDirectly,[12] The Open Medicine Foundation.[13] and to MAPS.[14]

The fund has also donated $1 million or more to the following organizations:

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