Pineapple Lumps

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Pineapple Lumps
Pascall Pineapple Lumps.JPG
Alternative names Pineapple Chunks
Type Confectionery
Place of origin New Zealand
Main ingredients Chocolate, sugar, pineapple flavouring
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Pineapple Lumps in bulk
Charles Diver's original recipe.

Pineapple Lumps are a flavoured chocolate-covered confectionery with a soft, chewy pineapple-flavoured middle from New Zealand. They are often identified as Kiwiana. The semi-brittle shell of chocolate conceals a chewy, soft pineapple flavoured centre.


The first Pineapple Lumps were made by the Regina Confectionery Company in Oamaru around 1952-54.[1][2][3] Charles Diver, the confectionery chef and floor production manager at Regina, who would later create other classic kiwi sweets, was given the task of using up waste product from other lollies of the time. One sweet in particular, an early version of the chocolate fish with a banana flavoured marshmallow middle, had the most left overs.

Pineapple Lumps were originally called Pineapple Chunks, but the name was changed in the early 1960s to give them a more recognizable and original title. The product bearing the former, original name is now being manufactured again by Regina Lollies;[4] while the product with the current name is manufactured by Pascall, and typically come in 140g and 300g size packs.