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Strawberry Dam (National ID # CA00388), also known as Main Strawberry Dam,[1] is a dam in Tuolumne County, California.

The rockfill masonry dam was originally constructed in 1916 by the Sierra and San Francisco Power Company, with a height of 143 feet (44 m), and a length of 720 feet (220 m) at its crest.[2] It impounds the South Fork Stanislaus River exclusively for hydroelectric power generation, now owned and operated by Pacific Gas and Electric Company as one of the company's more than 170 dams.

The reservoir it creates, Pinecrest Lake, has a normal water surface of 300 acres (120 ha) and has a normal capacity of 18,312 acre feet (22,588,000 m3).[3] Recreation includes boating, fishing, camping, and winter sports.[4]

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