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Pines may refer to:

People with the surname[edit]

  • Alexander Pines (born 1945), Israeli-born American chemist
  • Burt Pines, California attorney and politician. He served as Los Angeles City Attorney from 1973 to 1981 and has served as a judge of the Los Angeles County Superior Court since 2003
  • David Pines (born 1924), theoretical physicist with important contributions to the theory of quantum liquids
  • Dinora Pines (1918–2002), British physician and psychoanalyst
  • Dipper Pines, the main character of the Disney Channel series Gravity Falls
  • Joseph I. Pines (1922–2009), American lawyer and Judge on the Supreme Bench of Baltimore City (later renamed the Circuit Court for Baltimore)
  • Leonard Pines (1911–2001), born Leonard Pinckowitz, in 1911
  • Lois Pines (born 1940), American politician who served in the Massachusetts General Court and was a candidate for statewide office four times
  • Ned Pines (1906–1990), American publisher of pulp magazines, comic books, and paperback books, active from at least 1928 to 1971
  • Ophir Pines-Paz (born 1961), former Israeli politician
  • Shlomo Pines (1908–1990), scholar of Jewish and Islamic philosophy

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