Pines City National High School

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Baguio City National High School
Baguio City
Type Public
Principal Rachel M. Bugtong

Pines City National High School is a public secondary school in Baguio City, Philippines. It has a main campus (located at the Palma Street, Baguio City), and several annexes and campuses in the city.

Establishment of the annexes[edit]

PCNH aims

  1. to accommodate the growing high school student population in the city and
  2. to extend its learning system across the city.

History and development of Pines City National High School[edit]

The Pines City National High School started as an annex of Baguio City National High School with only two classes in the first year with three teachers, it is squaring on the ground of Baguio Central School. The school started with meagre and inadequate facilities and with finding on the graces of the Mother School. Textbooks, equipment and other facilities had been found out to be utterly inadequate and the students and teachers have to take proper steps and exercises initiative in order to help alleviate the problem. As the years passed, problems became greater due to the increase in enrolment. Teachers also increased but not in direct proportion to the increase in the enrolment.

On November 19, 1973, the school became an independent school with its own separate character, the problem became crucial, more evident and more problematic. Considering the fact that there is no school building of its own and no school site for that matter, In 1976, there was a very good opening with the presence of a National air in amount of two hundred ten thousand (210,000) for the construction of the Bagong Lipunan school building. In 1978, another Bagong Lipunan building was constructed, consisting of a classroom. This has minimally eased up the problems of lack of classrooms but school population continued to increase by leaps and bounds that the fifteen classrooms were not enough to accommodate 1500 students even if the main campus, an annex was created through the resolution of the city council sponsored by Counselor Jane Bugnosen in 1983. Bonifacio and Quirino are the first two annexes under Pines City National High School.

On July 1987, Pines City National High School was nationalized by virtue of executive order 189 pleasing all secondary school teacher render the administrative super vision and control of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports for other purposes.

In 1989, PCNHS was nationalized thus the name is changed to Pines City National High School. As regards its administration personnel and staff, the first principal was the alte Leandro Flora, followed by Concepcion Valencia and then Philip Flores, Elma Donaal, then the first assistant principal Rosalita Guadana, followed by Flocerfida L. Mina which became co-terminus with the salary standardization Law, then Rachel M. Bugtong as principal for decades and then to be Leticia I. Sab-it to the present.

In 1990, PCNHS started a special class and were given incentive allowance by the city government of Baguio City. In 1992, PCNHS is chosen as a pilot school for the proposed special science curriculum and one of the Special Science Schools in the entire Philippines.

Hence another special class been started in 2009, the special class in Journalism. The Special Program in Journalism at the Secondary Level was implemented nationwide on June 2009. This is in line with the Campus Journalism(CJ) Act of 1991 Republic Act no. 7079 which provides for the development and promotion of Campus Journalism and other related purposes.

Now, there are eight buildings including the newly constructed three-storey to accommodate the fast growing population of Pines City National High School.


PCNHS (Main) is headed by principal Leticia Sab-It, Ph D.

Educational programs[edit]

PCNHS Main Campus also implements certain programs for students who have high aptitudes in certain areas:

  • REGULAR Class