Pinetown Girls' High School

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Main entrance of Pinetown Girls' High School in Josiah Gumede Road, Pinetown
Fortiter in Omne
Bravely Into All Things

Pinetown Girls' High School is a public school for girls in Josiah Gumede road (i.e. Old Main Road), Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It was founded in 1955 as Pinetown Secondary School, a co-educational school, at its current site. On January 1 1978, the boys were split off into Pinetown Boys' High School. The school changed its name to Pinetown Girls' High School, but kept the original school badge and school motto, Fortiter in Omne, which is Latin, and means Bravely Into All Things.


The badge includes the letters PHS (Pinetown High School), which are also used by its brother school, Pinetown Boys' High School, a crown which represents the period when South Africa was part of the British Empire, three pine cones honouring Sir Benjamin Pine, who was instrumental in developing Pinetown when it was still a village, and a book which stands for education.

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Coordinates: 29°49′11″S 30°52′25″E / 29.81972°S 30.87361°E / -29.81972; 30.87361 (Pinetown Girls' High School)