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Kao Ping-tse (Chinese: 高平子; 23 December 1888 - 23 March 1970) was a Chinese astronomer. He was entirely self-taught in this field.[citation needed] The crater Kao on the Moon is named in his honor.

Kao was born in Shanghai. His father was a revolutionary, a Jǔrén 舉人, and a key figure of the Nan Society (South Society, 南社) in the late Qing Dynasty.[1] He worked at Qingdao Observatory, received from the Japanese after the Washington Naval Conference in 1924. He then worked at the Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics, one of the founders of Purple Mountain Observatory.

During WWII, he lived in Shanghai. He moved to Taiwan in 1948, during the Chinese Civil War. He died in Taipei.


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