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Not to be confused with Peking opera, which used to be called Pingju.
Xin Fengxia in the pingju Flowers as Matchmakers

Pingju or Ping Opera (Chinese: 评剧, p píngjù) is a form of Chinese opera from northern China.


Pingju originated in Tangshan, Hebei, near the city of Tianjin.[1] Among all China's regional operas, it was the most famous in the Republican period for its passionate performances and romantic plots.[2]

Movies based upon and incorporating Pingju include Zhang Shichuan's 1936 Red Begonia (t 海棠, s 海棠, Hǎitáng Hóng), starring Bai Yushuang.[3]

A Pingju performance in Tianjin


Bai Yushuang was known as the "Queen of Pingju". Other famed performers include Xin Fengxia[4] and her mentor Hua Furong.[5]



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