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Pingsta, Inc
Industry Intellectual Network
Computer Networking
Founded Palo Alto, California, USA (2007)
Headquarters Redwood City, California, USA
Key people
Peter Alfred-Adekeye, Founder & CEO

Pingsta is an intellectual collaboration platform exclusively for Internet engineers.[1] Pingsta enables Enterprises, IT Service Providers and Government agencies worldwide to access Network-Expertise-in-the-Cloud[2] through its Intellectual Commerce Ecosystem - Pingsta ICE[3] - service offering.


Founded in Palo Alto, California, United States by serial entrepreneur Peter Alfred-Adekeye in February 2007 to serve as an intellectual collaborative tool for network inventors, scientists, distinguished engineers and technical leaders that have helped to create and continue to sustain the various components that make up the Internet.

The Pingsta platform is an integral part of sister-business Multiven, also founded by Peter Alfred-Adekeye, which utilizes the crowdsourced knowledge in order to offer vendor-neutral network maintenance services.

On November 20, 2007, MySolvr, an initiative to create an open repository of internet work intelligence was launched. This project, unlike Pingsta, is free and open to all, aiming to create internet work intelligence that is comprehensive, organized and validated.

The MySolvr platform allows network engineers to quickly ask their peers for solutions to problems, and has a vast library of verified how-to guides and directories of networking knowledge.

Pingsta Membership[edit]

Pingsta members reside in over 52 countries on all continents. Membership is by invitation or application.

Pingsta membership isgranted by fulfilling one of the three following conditions:

  • Receiving an invitation from a current Pingsta member
  • Requesting a Pingsta invitation - subject to expertise verification (10+years of network maintenance experience required)
  • Earning a Pingsta invitation through mySolvr - subject to 20 validated entries

Pingsta Services[edit]

  • Pingsta ICE - Pingsta Intellectual Commerce Ecosystem™ (ICE) is an Intellectual Capital Economy within the Pingsta Community. It allows network engineers to monitize their knowledge by solving network issues posted onto the site via participating enterprises.
  • Pingsta ICE lead (PIL) - Pingsta ICE™ Lead (PIL) is a feature that enables Pingsta ICE™ customers to appoint a Pingsta ICE™ expert as their dedicated engineer. The dedicated engineer (or PIL) gets the first-right-of-refusal for all the customer’s tasks for a preset hold-time period that ranges from 30 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Pingsta CAM - Pingsta Collaborative Asset Manager - Pingsta CAM™- is a Pingsta ICE™ service feature that provides businesses of all sizes (and Government agencies) with asset management capabilities via an intelligent web-based world map mash up that enables customers to collaboratively upload,update and manage all their IT assets across multiple locations worldwide in real-time.


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