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Pingtang County (Chinese: ; pinyin: Píngtáng Xiàn) is a county in the Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou, in southwest China. It is a high mountain valley and is inhabited mainly by members of the Buyei and Miao ethnic minorities, who together make up 55% of the county's population.[1]

The county's area is 2,799.08 square km and at the 2010 Census its population was 228,560. The county's government is based in the town of Pinghu.

The Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) is located in the southwestern part of Pingtan County, near its Kedu and Tangbian Towns and Dongjia Township of the adjacent Luodian County.

Towns and townships[edit]

The towns and townships under the jurisdiction of Pingtang County include:


  • Pinghu (平湖镇; pinyin: Pínghú zhèn)
  • Bairu 摆茹镇 (pinyin: Bǎirú zhèn)
  • Tongzhou 通州镇 (pinyin: zhèn)
  • Yazhou (牙舟镇; pinyin: Yázhōu zhèn)
  • Datang 大塘镇 (pinyin: Dàtáng zhèn)
  • Kedu (克度镇; pinyin: Kèdù zhèn)
  • Tangbian (塘边镇; pinyin: Tángbiān zhèn)
  • Zhemi (者密镇; pinyin: Zhěmì zhèn)
  • Sizhai (四寨镇; pinyin: Sìzhài zhèn)


  • 白龙乡 (pinyin: xiāng)
  • Xintang (新塘乡; pinyin: Xīntáng xiāng)
  • 卡蒲毛南族乡 (pinyin: xiāng)
  • 西凉乡 (pinyin: xiāng)
  • 卡罗乡 (pinyin: xiāng)
  • Gudong (谷洞乡; pinyin: Gǔdòng xiāng)
  • Zhangbu (掌布乡; pinyin: Zhǎngbù xiāng)
  • Shuchang (鼠场乡; pinyin: Shǔcháng xiāng)
  • 甘寨乡
  • 苗二河乡 (pinyin: xiāng)


In June 2002, Chinese researchers announced the discovery of a 270-million-year-old stone called Hidden character stone inscribed with six Chinese characters, reading "中国共产党亡" ("the Communist Party of China Perish") at the Zhangbu Scenic Spot in Zhangbu village (掌布乡).[2][3]



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