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Pingyi County (Chinese: 平邑县; Pinyin: Píngyì Xiàn) is a county under charge of Linyi City, Shandong Province of China. It has a land area of 1,824.79 square kilometers and a population of 980,000 in 2001. Its special local products are honeysuckle and granite. The second highest mountain in Shandong, Mount Meng, is located in Bianqiao Town.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Pingyi Consists of 14 towns and 2 townships.

  • Towns: Pingyi, Zhongcun, Bianqiao, Tongshi, Difang, Zhengcheng, Baiyan, Wenshui, Baotai, Bolin, Wutai, Liuyu, Fengyang, and Linjian.
  • Townships: Ziqiu, Weizhuang.

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Coordinates: 35°30′22″N 117°38′24″E / 35.50611°N 117.64000°E / 35.50611; 117.64000