Pingzhen District

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Pingzhen District
Pingzhen city view.jpg
Location of Pingzhen
Coordinates: 24°56′38″N 121°12′58″E / 24.94389°N 121.21611°E / 24.94389; 121.21611Coordinates: 24°56′38″N 121°12′58″E / 24.94389°N 121.21611°E / 24.94389; 121.21611
MunicipalityTaoyuan City
 • Total47.7532 km2 (18.4376 sq mi)
 (January 2016)
 • Total218,290
 • Density4,600/km2 (12,000/sq mi) (in Chinese)
Pingzhen District office

Pingzhen District (Chinese: 平鎮區; pinyin: Píngzhèn Qū) is a district in the central part of Taoyuan City, Taiwan.


Pingzhen was originally established as Changluliao during the Qing Dynasty rule of Taiwan. In 1920 under the Japanese rule, the city was renamed to Pingzhen. On 1 March 1992, it was upgraded as the third county-controlled city of Taoyuan County named Pingzhen City. On 25 December 2014, it was upgraded to a district named Pingzhen District when Taoyuan County was upgraded from a county to a municipality.[1]


The district spans over 47.75 km² of area. It is located in the middle part of a hilly plateau and the entire district is on a slope.


Pingzhen District has a population of 212,328 people as of December 2014. Most of the people in Pingzhen are Hakka people.[2]


To solve the water supply problem, many ponds have been built in the past. Currently the district has 123 ponds.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Administrative divisions of Pingzhen District.

Pingzeng, Zengxing, Nanshi, Jinxing, Pingan, Pingnan, Shanfeng, Fulin, Yongguang, Zhuangjing, Yongfeng, Yongan, Songwu, Pingxing, Guangxing, Guangda, Guangren, Fudan, Fuxing, Yimin, Yixing, Shuanglian, Gaoshuang, Beishi, Beihua, Xinshi, Beian, Xinrong, Xinfu, Xinying, Xingui, Beixing, Jinling, Beigui, Beifu, Jianan, Huaan, Tungan, Xinan, Tungshi, Longen, Tungshe, Zhongzhen, Maoyi, Longxing and Zhongzheng Village.


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