Pinjarra Senior High School

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Pinjarra Senior High School
Pinjarra, Western Australia
Coordinates 32°37′59″S 115°52′20″E / 32.6330°S 115.8723°E / -32.6330; 115.8723Coordinates: 32°37′59″S 115°52′20″E / 32.6330°S 115.8723°E / -32.6330; 115.8723
Type Independent Public School
Motto Be True
Established 1921
Principal Rob Lawson
Enrolment 789 (2017)
Campus Pinjarra

Pinjarra Senior High School is an independent public high school located in Pinjarra, a regional centre 86 kilometres (53 mi) south of Perth, Western Australia.

Students studying at the school come both from Pinjarra and surrounding areas such as Serpentine, Dwellingup, Warrona, North Yunderup and South Yunderup.[1]

As of 2017, Pinjarra Senior High School has 789[2] enrolled students in Years 7 through 12.


John Fairbairn opened the first school in Pinjarra in 1848. The school site was occupied in 1921 when a three-room school building and manual training centre was completed.[3]

The school operated as a primary school until 1951, then as a junior high school until 1960, a high school until 1965 and as a senior high school since 1965.

Elizabeth Aitken served as school principal until 2011, then left and was replaced with Alan Hunt who held the role between 2011 and 2015. The current principal of the school is Rob Lawson.[4]


The school has made a couple of notable additions to the campus within the past decade. In 2011, the school opened a $1.9 million Science Laboratory area that was built as part of the Building Education Revolution scheme. Western Australia's Chief scientist Lyn Beazley visited the facility during its construction phase in June 2009.[5]

In 2013, a Technology and Enterprise building and Trade Training Centre was completed, at a cost of around $7m. The building caters to the development of skills and experience in Foods, Textiles, Woodwork, Metalwork and Automotive.[6]

Specialist Programs[edit]

Pinjarra Senior High School has three specialist programs which students can opt to undertake[7]. These include;

Pinjarra Football Academy (PFA)[edit]

The Pinjarra Football Academy (PFA) has been in operation since 2008 and is delivered to students over a course of 3 years. From Year 8 through to Year 10, students remain together as a group during Mathematics, English, Humanities and Social Sciences, English and Specialist Football delivered through the Health and Physical Education department. The program is supported by significant community partnerships with Pinjarra Football Club, Peel Thunder and Fremantle Football Club.[7]

Academic Extension Program[edit]

The program is for students in Years 8 to 10 who are keen to be challenged, committed to achievement, and who aspire to study at high levels in their senior years of schooling and beyond. Students who are identified as potential candidates for this program will have demonstrated their ability through state and national testing and other school achievements, as well as their approach to learning.[7]

School Based Music Program[edit]

The Pinjarra Music Program offers students from Years 7 to 12 a range of opportunities. Students in Lower School (Year 7 to 9) continue their lessons with their instrumental teachers and round-out their musical training within the Classroom Music Program (studying how to analyse and understand music, read and write both traditional notation and tablature, and use musical software to generate, record and produce music). Students in Year 10 further these skills in preparation for their study of a Certificate II/III in Music in Years 11 & 12. [7]

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