Pink Blossom

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Pink Blossom
EP by Apink
Released March 31, 2014
Genre K-pop, dance-pop
Label A Cube Entertainment (Distributed by LOEN Entertainment)
(ISWC: L200001007)
Apink chronology
Secret Garden
(2013)Secret Garden2013
Pink Blossom
Pink Luv
(2014)Pink Luv2014
Singles from Pink Blossom
  1. "Mr. Chu"
    Released: March 31, 2014
  2. "Crystal"
    Released: June 15, 2014

Pink Blossom is the fourth mini-album by South Korean girl group Apink, released on March 31, 2014. Group leader, Chorong wrote two songs for the album. A song "Mr.Chu", composed by Duble Sidekick chosen as the title song used to promote the album, with music video were released on the same day.[1] The song peaked at number 2 on Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100.[2] Apink won six music show trophies for "Mr. Chu",[3] and the song was the eighth best selling digital song in 2014, according to Gaon's year-end chart.[4] They released music video from another track of the album, "Crystal" on June 6. The album was the second most selling album of the first week of release and end up at no 30 on 2014 Gaon Yearly Album chart by selling 66,139 albums, become the third highest album sales for girl group.


On March 13, a picture was uploaded on Apink official Facebook page showing a scoreboard with scores of 3-31 with short description “#Apink 2014.03.31.”, hinted on March 31 as the group's comeback date 9 months since they released their last mini album "Secret Garden".[5] On March 17, A Cube Entertainment unveiled a preview for the album poster on Apink’s official Facebook page and announced that 40,000 poster will be included with the album purchase. The poster showed Apink member wearing navy blue dresses and posed with serious expressions, while holding a book.[6]

On March 20, Apink announced they will returned with 6 new songs for their fourth mini-album “Pink Blossom” on March 31. “Mr. Chu”, an upbeat dance track composed by Duble Sidekick and Seion will be the title song.[7] Due to a mistake of a staff member from the album production, the jacket album photos that were scheduled to be revealed on March 31 with the release of the songs was leaked and spreading online. “The jacket photos that were leaked were originally scheduled to be revealed on March 31 with the release of the songs. It appears that the image leakage was due to a mistake of a staff member, who is involved in the fourth mini album production. However, we decided that due to the unexpected accident that we’ll release the photos on March 20.” said A Cube.[8]

A video teaser featuring Apink’s six members participating in a photo shoot for the new album cover was released with Mr.Chu song in the background.[9] On March 24, a medley clip was released, giving a short preview of all the six tracks from the upcoming album.[10] On March 27, A Cube released music video teaser for "Mr. Chu" on Apink official YouTube Channel. The teaser features Apink members dressed in tennis outfit holding presents on their lap while watching a tennis match played by the "Mr.Chu". The full music video will be released together with the 4th mini album "Pink Blossom" on March 31.[11]


Apink performed a snippet of "Sunday Monday" in addition to a full performance of "Mr. Chu" for the first time on KBS's Music Bank on April 4.[12] This was followed by additional comebacks on music programs including MBC's Show! Music Core, SBS's Inkigayo, MBC Music's Show Champion and Mnet's M! Countdown.

On April 16, Apink decided to halt promotional activities and cancel all their schedules including their third anniversary fanmeeting on April 19 to pay respect for the victims of Sewol Tragedy. A Cube released a statement, "Due to the magnitude of the passenger ship sinking, Apink felt too much pain and did not think they could sing for their fans with a light heart, which is how this decision came to be made. We plan on having the canceled fan meeting some other time in the future and will later announce the new date and location."[13][14]

The group resume promotions after 3 weeks, performing at Mnet's M! Countdown on May 8.[15] They wrapped up promotions for "Pink Blossom" on May 25.[16]


The music video for "Mr. Chu" was released on March 31, 2014,[17] and was directed by Song Wonmo and Park Sangwoo of Digipedi Studio.[18] The song peaked at number 2 on the Gaon Digital Chart and Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100, and ranked eighth on the year-end Gaon Digital Chart.[19]

Group leader, Chorong wrote the lyrics for two of the songs from the album, "Love Story" and "So Long".[10]

Track listing[edit]

Digital download[20]
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Sunday Monday" Beomi, Nangi Nickel 03:34
2. "Mr. Chu" (On Stage) Duble Sidekick, David Kim Duble Sidekick, SEION 03:24
3. "Crystal" 03:24
4. "Love Story" (사랑동화; Sarangdonghwa; lit. "Fairytale Love") Chorong Kim Jinhwan 03:58
5. "So Long" Chorong Master Key 03:41
6. "Mr. Chu" Duble Sidekick, David Kim Duble Sidekick, SEION 03:34
7. "Mr. Chu" (Instrumental)   Duble Sidekick, SEION 03:24


Chart Peak
Gaon Weekly album chart 2
Gaon Monthly album chart 5
Gaon Yearly album chart 31


Provider (2014) Amount
Gaon physical sales 75,325+[21]
Oricon physical sales 10,000+

Release history[edit]

Country Date Format Label Catalog
South Korea March 31, 2014 CD, Digital download A Cube Entertainment
LOEN Entertainment


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