Pink Fir Apple

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Pink Fir Apple
Pink fir-apple potato.JPG
'Pink Fir Apple' potatoes
Species Solanum tuberosum
Cultivar 'Pink Fir Apple'
Origin France

'Pink Fir Apple' is a maincrop potato variety with a pink skin and cream, waxy flesh.[1] It has a long, knobbly shape. Originally, it was imported to the UK from France in 1850.[2][3] In 1996, it was crossed with the 'Désirée' variety to form the 'Anya' potato for Sainsbury's supermarkets.[4] [5]


  • Blooming colours are blue-violet, mauve taupe and light pastel purple.
  • Blooms are about 2.5cm in diameter at full maturity.
  • The flowers are in single form normally with 5 pedals.
  • Knobby shape making it hard to peel.
  • Grows to about 1.2m in height.


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