Pink Grease

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Pink Grease
Origin Sheffield, England
Genres Post-punk revival, glam rock, new wave
Years active 2002–2007
Past members Rory Lewarne (Lead Vocals)
Nicholas Collier (The Machine)
Steven SantaCruz (Guitar, Vocals)
John Joseph Lynch (Guitar, Saxophone)
Marc Hoad (drums)
Stuart Faulkner (Bass Guitar, vocals)

Pink Grease were a six-piece rock group from Sheffield, England. Drawing from prominent early influences like David Bowie, Iggy Pop, T.Rex, and even Kiss, the band's sound and style was often seen as glam rock while also being heavily influenced by such new wave artists like Duran Duran and punk rock artists like The Damned.

Pink Grease released their debut EP All Over You, in May 2003 to some minor critical praise. Then in June 2004 they followed up with the full-length This Is For Real with similar praise and some moderate commercial success. Their second album titled Mechanical Heart was planned for a release sometime in 2006/2007 but, after the split from the record label Mute Records, it is still unreleased and just a few promotional copies exist.

Rory Lewarne now sings with White Witches, a London/Paris/Sheffield-based four-piece who describe their sound as a "dark, aggressive, poisoned, cultlike version of glam rock".




  • "Working All Day / Manhattan On Fire" - (2002)
  • "Waiting So Long / Soul Paco" - (1 May 2003)
  • "The Nasty Show" - (27 October 2003)
  • "Fever" - (22 March 2004)
  • "The Pink G. R. Ease" - (14 June 2004) Chart Position: #75 (UK)
  • "This is for Real" - (21 June 2004)
  • "Strip" - (10 January 2005) Chart Position: #36 (UK)
  • "Peaches" - (28 March 2005) Chart Position: #44 (UK)
  • "Ordinary Girl" - (5 June 2006)
  • "Alien" - (25 September 2006)
  • "Carlights" (29 January 2007) Chart Position: #34 (UK)[1]


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