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Pink Lady Best Selection
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Greatest hits album by
GenreDisco, Pop
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Pink Lady Best Selection
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Pink Lady Best Selection is a greatest hits album released by Japanese duo Pink Lady in 1996. The album featured one new single, "Pink Eyed Soul", written by the duo.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1
  1. "UFO"
  2. "Southpaw"
  3. "Pink Eyed Soul"
  4. "Zipangu"
  5. "Tomei Ningen"
  6. "Deeply" (From the motion picture Happy)
  7. "Chameleon Army"
  8. "Wanted"
  9. "Kanpai Ojousan"
  10. "Pink Typhoon"
  11. "Monster
  12. "Monday Mona Lisa Club"
Disc 2
  1. "Kiss in the Dark"
  2. "Nami Nori Pirates" (USA Version)
  3. "Strangers When We Kiss"
  4. "Carmen '77"
  5. "S.O.S."
  6. "Super Monkey Son Goku"
  7. "Nagisa No Sindbad"
  8. "OH!"
  9. "Pepper Keibu"


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