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Pink Pages
Monsoon 2012 cover
Editor Udayan
Categories Lifestyle
Frequency Quarterly
Circulation 6000 (2009 est.)
First issue July 2009
Company MINGLE
Country India
Language English

Pink Pages is an Indian LGBT magazine.


Pink Pages was founded by in 2009. Udayan Dhar is the editor in chief.[1][2] The magazine is distributed online free of cost and has readers and contributors from across India, making it an LGBT magazine with a national focus. Pink Pages, combines politics, activism and interviews with celebrities, lifestyle stories and readers’ own personal accounts.[3][4]

The first issue was released within days of the historic Delhi High Court judgement decriminalizing homosexuality in India.[5][6]

Pink Pages was denied permission to print by the Registrar of Newspapers in India in October 2010, which was widely viewed as a homophobic act by the Government body.[7][8]

Among the authors is Harish Iyer, prominent gay rights activist from Mumbai.[9]


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