Pink Sweat

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Pink Sweat
Directed by Lara Everly
Produced by Lara Everly
Jonny K
Screenplay by Lara Everly
Jonny K
Story by Lara Everly
Jonny K
Starring Lara Everly
Jonny K
Merna Aodisho
Alan Bernhoft
Music by Jonny K
Lara Everly
Makio Haywood
Cinematography Alexander Yellen
Edited by Lara Everly
Liam Lynch
Sweet Potato Productions
Release date
  • December 16, 2009 (2009-12-16)
Running time
4 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Pink Sweat is a 2009 American music video directed by Lara Everly, written by Lara Everly and Jonny K.[1] The short film was nominated for Best Original Song at the DC Shorts Film Festival, won Best Editing in the 2010 Mockfest Awards and was featured on the home page of funny or die.[2] The original music of the video was recorded by Makio Haywood and the vocals were recorded by Alan Bernhoft.[3]


Pink Sweat is the comedic love story of a very human girl name Miya (Lara Everly) and a very pink puppet (Francis Fluffenstein).[4] Overwhelmed when her boyfriend Blair (Jonny K) proposes, Miya escapes to a nightclub where she meets Pink, a sexy hardcore pink puppet. Things get hot and heavy, and Miya learns just how manly a puppet can be. Blair tries to win Miya back from her new puppet lover. It's a stand off for the girl when suddenly a voice breaks the tension. Pink's sister, Turquoise—a puppet dominatrix with erotic grooves, leaps from the rooftop hypnotizing Blair. With Bollywood flair, we travel the globe to see puppet human love has become a worldwide phenomenon.


  • Lara Everly as Miya; Lara recently played a yoga student with braids in an AFLAC commercial
  • Jonny K as Blair


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