Pink Typhoon

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"Pink Typhoon"
Pink Typhoon.jpg
Single by Pink Lady
from the album Turning Point
B-side "Hello Mister Monkey"
Released May 1979
Genre J-pop, kayōkyoku, Disco
Length 4:10
Label JVC
Writer(s) Jacques Morali, Henri Belolo, V. Willis, Japanese lyrics by Tomoko Okada
Pink Lady singles chronology
"Pink Typhoon"
"Nami Nori Pirates"

"Pink Typhoon" (ピンク・タイフーン, Pinku Taifun) is the twelfth single of Pink Lady. It was released in May 1979. It peaked at number six on the Oricon charts.[1] It uses the music off the Village People's "In the Navy," but with rewritten Japanese lyrics that have nothing to do with the original content of the song. In the song's chorus the lines "In the navy" have been replaced with "Pink Lady", and "They want you as a new recruit" with "I want you, you want Mie/I want you, you want Kei" (referring to group members Mitsuyo Nemoto and Keiko Masuda).

The song was also featured on the Japanese music show The Best Ten, where it peaked at #6.[2]

The single sold approximately 700,000 copies.[3]

The B-side was a cover of disco group Arabesque.

Track listing (7" vinyl)[edit]

  1. "Pink Typhoon"
  • Composed and written by J. Morali, H. Belolo, V. Willis, Japanese lyrics by Tomoko Okada
  1. "Hello Mister Monkey"
  • Composed and written by Ben Jurris-Benny

Chart positions[edit]

Charts (1979) Peak
Japanese Oricon Singles Chart 6


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