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Brewery Pinkus Müller

Pinkus Müller is a German brewery based in the Northern Germany town of Münster. The Pinkus-Müller brewery traces its origins to the arrival of Johannes Müller (1792–1870) in Münster from his home town of Hildebrandshausen in 1816. After marrying Friederika Cramer they opened a bakery and a brewery. In 1866 the bakery was closed and a malthouse was opened instead. In the following hundred years the brewery and the pub were expanded. In 1993 a bottling plant was opened in the neighbouring city of Laer.[1] It is the only brewery left in Münster from original 150 breweries.[2]



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Coordinates: 51°57′56″N 7°37′18″E / 51.96556°N 7.62167°E / 51.96556; 7.62167