Pinky (magazine)

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PINKY January 2007.jpg
Categories Fashion
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 736,669 (2009)[1]
Publisher Shueisha
Year founded 2004
Final issue 22 December 2009
Company Shueisha
Country Japan
Based in Tokyo
Language Japanese

Pinky was a Japanese fashion magazine published by Shueisha. Launched in 2004 as a sister magazine of Seventeen,[2] Pinky was targeted at teenagers and young women in their early 20s[3] or early 30s.[4] The headquarters of the magazine was in Tokyo.[5] The indy rock band 0.8Syooogeki were signed to a contract with the magazine in 2008. Pinky officially ended publishing on 22 December 2009.[6]

Special exclusive models[edit]

Exclusive models[edit]

Mai Goto
Nami Inoue
Coco Kinoshita
Yukina Kinoshita
Hitomi Nakahodo
Risa Nakama
Sayaka Ogata
Hitomi Sakata
Mai Suzuri
Izumi Tokuda
Yumi Yamaoka
Mari Yaguchi[2]


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