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The Pinnacle Apartments is the tallest building in Newcastle, New South Wales, in Australia.[1] The 16 storey apartment building, located at 741 Hunter Street, is 45 metres high and was constructed between 2005 and 2008.[1] The $30 million project, developed by John Waterhouse, opened in April 2009 as The Pinnacle with 74 units, including 40 hotel units for the Grand Mercure hotel.[2][3][4] In February 2012, McGrathNicol were appointed as receivers and managers of Newcastle Pinnacle Apartments development company, with closure of the Grand Mercure Apartments expected soon after.[5][6]

The site was previously occupied by Latec House, a 10 storey building with a roof height of 34 metres, built in 1959.[7] It was designed by architects Peddle Thorp & Walker and constructed between 1957 and 1959.[4] The building was officially opened by the Federal Attorney-General Sir Garfield Barwick on 24 April 1959 and became Newcastle's tallest building.[4] Latec House was last occupied in 1988 and became derelict.[4][8] Graffiti written on the side of the building in 1997 is claimed to have been the inspiration for the name of the Newcastle-based This Is Not Art festival of new media and arts.[8] During the demolition process, Victorian-era terraces dating back to 1879 were revealed. These had been hidden behind more modern facades.[2]


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