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Pinot's Palette
Industry Paint and Sip
Founded May 6, 2009[1]
Headquarters Houston, Texas
Number of locations
70+ (as of August 2016)[2]
Key people
Craig Ceccanti, CEO and co-founder

Pinot’s Palette is an American national paint and sip franchise headquartered in Houston, Texas.[3] Founded in 2009, Pinot’s Palette offers step-by-step group art lessons accompanied by wine or cocktails.[4]

The majority of Pinot’s Palette customers are women.[4]

As of August 2016, Pinot’s Palette has over 70 stores in 37 states, plus one location in Toronto.[2]


Pinot’s Palette was founded in 2009 by business partners Craig Ceccanti, Charles Willis, and Beth Willis. Ceccanti says he got the idea for starting the business after he attended a painting class in Louisiana with his family.[5]

The first Pinot’s Palette studio opened in Houston’s Montrose neighborhood in 2009.[6] The studio was originally named “Pinot and Picasso.” The name was changed to “Pinot’s Palette” in 2010.[7]

After opening two additional locations in the Houston area, the company began franchising. The first franchised Pinot’s Palette studio opened in Katy, Texas in 2010.[4] Since then, the company has expanded nationwide.[3]

In June 2016, Pinot’s Palette launched a rebranding effort, which introduced a new logo, and updated studio décor.[8]

Operations and Financials[edit]

Pinot’s Palette offers two- or three-hour group painting classes accompanied by wine or cocktails.[9] Depending on state liquor laws, customers can either bring their own wine or alcoholic beverages or purchase them on-site. The company also offers corporate events and private parties.[10]

A painting class at Pinot's Palette

Start-up cost for a Pinot’s Palette franchise is around $100,000.[11] The company does not require franchisees to have backgrounds in wine or art.[4]


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