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Malus pumila 'Pinova'
Pinata grouping.jpg
Genus Malus
Species Malus pumila
Hybrid parentage 'Clivia' × 'Golden Delicious'
Cultivar 'Pinova'
Marketing names
  • Corail
  • Piñata
  • Sonata
Origin Pillnitz, Dresden, Germany
'Pinova' apple

'Pinova' is a German apple cultivar. It was created in 1965 at the Institut für Obstforschung of Dresden–Pillnitz in Saxony[1] which at that time was in the German Democratic Republic. After Germany was re-united in 1990, the rights to the cultivar passed to the Free State of Saxony.[2]

'Pinova' is a hybrid between 'Clivia' and 'Golden Delicious'. 'Clivia' is a hybrid of 'Geheimrat Dr. Oldenburg' and 'Cox's Orange Pippin'.[3] 'Pinova' may also be called 'Corail', Piñata® or 'Sonata'.


'Pinova' has a high fruit yield, with little tendency towards biennial bearing;[2]:19 it has good resistance to scab and is a good pollenizer for many varieties.[2]:19 The fruit stores well. It is juicy and crisp,[4] and has some of the taste of Cox's, the coloration of Oldenburg and the shape of 'Golden Delicious'.[2] The fruit is picked early in October.[4]

'Pinova' is planted commercially in Europe. In the United States it is patented,[2] and may be sold under the brand-name "Piñata".


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