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Pinoy Big Brother
Unlimited (2011-2012)
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Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited is the fourth season and the ninth series overall of Pinoy Big Brother that aired on ABS-CBN from October 29, 2011. Toni Gonzaga and Bianca Gonzales reprised their hosting stints for the show, together with PBB Teen Edition Plus ex-housemate Robi Domingo. The season ended on March 31, 2012 after 155 days, breaking Double Up's record for the longest duration by three more weeks and also ranked as one of the show's longest seasons worldwide, only surpassed by a number of seasons held in Germany. It is the first regular season with a male winner.[1][2][3][4]

Auditions for the season started in Metro Manila on March 4, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia where around 10,000 people attended. Show director Lauren Dyogi said the turnout at the Mall of Asia audition was the largest in the show's history. Other auditions were held at several key cities in the Philippines from March to July 2011, plus overseas auditions in Tokyo and Los Angeles.[5][6] The total number of aspirants for the season, as claimed by the show, was 30,789. A total of 37 housemates entered for this season; fourteen on opening night, fifteen on Day 8, six on Day 15, and two on Days 23 and 25.[7][7]

In the run-up to the premiere, a special weekday afternoon primer entitled Pinoy Big Brother: The Audition Stories started airing on October 24, 2011. It featured several participants whose audition stories caught the interest of the producers.[8][9][10] The afternoon primer lasted until November 4, 2011. It eventually gave way to the new show, Pinoy Big Brother: UnliDay, the day main program. The said program shows the latest happenings of the Day Housemates from the Industrial House.

Slater Young emerged as the winner of this season.


House theme[edit]

For the season, the exterior of the House was slightly tweaked to have slotted walls and minor modifications, but still keeping the yellow and blue color scheme. There are five areas for this season: four Houses and a special area. Two of the houses, the Industrial and Luxury Houses, are connected via a secret hallway first revealed on Day 22 and fully opened on Day 65.

  • Slums: First occupied on opening night, the Slums was made to look like a typical squatters' area in many urban areas in the Philippines. This was done to let the housemates experience the same living conditions as 15 million Filipinos who live in such areas, based from a typical answer during auditions of experiencing typical Filipino life.[11] This House was demolished on Day 22.
  • Industrial House: The interior of the second House follows the regular House layout and its accompanying amenities. It is further given an "industrial" feel with steel, wooden, and brick walls. Unlike previous seasons, however, this House has no yard area. The house was opened on Day 8 and was closed down on Day 77.
  • Luxury House: Also called the Mansion, the third House is exquisitely furnished and brightly lit. Like the Industrial House, this House also has no yard area, although sunlight somehow passes through a curtain. This house was opened on Day 22.
  • Resort: Located adjacent to the Luxury House, this area is sophisticated with the inclusion of the pool and a jacuzzi in the beach-themed Garden area. It is used as a venue for special occasions and tasks. This area was opened on Day 15 and the door to the resort (hidden under a curtain in the Luxury House) was opened on Day 65.
  • Hacienda: Located at the activity area, the Hacienda is modelled after a typical plantation in the Philippines by featuring several plants. It contains a large hut where the housemates would live in. This House was opened on Day 128.

Unlimited twists[edit]

  • Reserved housemates — Aside from the 13 official housemates who entered on Day 1, 30 short-listed housemates are given another chance to become official housemates. A lottery was made on Day 1 to choose the sub-official housemate. On Day 15, six reserved housemates entered; three girls collectively known as the 3Gs entered the Slums while three boys collectively known as the Power Strangers entered the Industrial House. Another two male reserved housemates entered on Days 23 and 25. They were given tasks to fulfill in order to become official housemates.
  • Unli-Day/Unli-Night — Like the previous regular season, Double Up, the show would feature two houses, each containing a different set of housemates. To accommodate both, a second main program, Unli-Day, was aired in the afternoons to focus on the events in the Industrial House to be hosted by Bianca; Toni will host the original primetime main program, dubbed Unli-Night, which will look into happenings at the Slums/Luxury House. The setup only applies to weekdays; on weekends, nomination and eviction nights, and special shows, the primetime program would cover both Houses. With the closure of the Industrial House on Week 11, Unli-Day was directed towards covering events in the active House(s) while the host has an interview session with former housemates.
  • House Swaps — Housemates will be made to swap houses and group members as instructed by Big Brother.
  • SE Voting System — Also lifted from the previous regular season, the Save-Evict (SE) voting system gives a chance for the public to vote to save or evict a housemate. The housemate with the lowest net votes, Save and Evict votes combined, is evicted. Furthermore, voting for each house's nominees are separate yet simultaneous for every week, thus having two evictees per round. This voting system was stopped after the fourth eviction round.
  • Head of Household — Similar to Double Up, the concept will involve the housemates competing against each other, and the winner/s of the competition will be each house's HOH for week. The HOH will be granted immunity in the coming nomination.
  • House Competitions — Big Brother brought back the House competitions from Double Up, but with a more lucrative prize. For ten weeks, the Luxury House housemates, dubbed as Team High-Voltage, would compete against the Industrial House's occupants, known as Team Wayuk, in weekly major competitions with PHP150,000 at stake in each. At the end of those ten weeks, the cash accumulated by each team would be shared among the final four housemates in each House. The teams would also compete in "mini-battles" wherein the winning team would be given minor rewards.
  • Intensity 7 — On Day 71, the remaining 20 housemates, 11 from Team High-Voltage and nine from Team Wayuk, were put-up for 24-hour public voting. The top five housemates from each team will be safe from elimination on Day 78, where six housemates will be evicted from the house. A sequel twist, called the Aftershock, would test the remaining housemates further.
  • The Big Road Trip - Certain housemates will temporarily return to the outside world and do tasks without being recognized by anybody.
  • House Guests - Big Brother inserted three sets of guest housemates into the house:
  • Double Trouble - Under the cover of a fake Big Swap, Big Brother inserted two guest housemates supposedly from the Czech Republic edition of the show on Day 100.
  • M.I.B. (Melason is Back)- Big Brother inserted Double Up winner Melisa Cantiveros and second runner-up Jason Francisco as guest housemates on Day 114.
  • Kuya's Fairy Godmothers - Previous winners Nene Tamayo, Beatriz Saw, and Keanna Reeves were inserted on Day 135 to accord special wishes to certain housemates.
  • House Players - An evicted housemate will remain in the house to test the remaining official housemates through tasks set by Big Brother and the audience. There are two sequel House Player twists with the same purpose:
  • M6 - Two housemates from the current season and four from the previous seasons were inserted on Day 121.
  • Don-Donya - Baron and Beauty from the M6 and Seichang from the current season were inserted on Day 128.
  • Wildcard Housemate - A holdover from certain previous seasons, an evicted housemate will have a chance to come back on the roster of housemates.
  • Power of One - Starting the 13th eviction, the public may only vote once per day per mobile phone number.
  • Big Shot for the Big Slot - The final five housemates are given the chance to have a fifth slot in the finale by completing a shooting task.


A total of fourteen housemates entered the House on Day 1, thirteen official housemates plus a sub-official housemate acting as a "mole" in a task to become the fourteenth official housemate. That sub-official housemate was chosen by lottery from a pool of 30 reserved housemates. These are the auditionees who were shortlisted for the show, but did not make the official cut.

All thirteen official housemates plus the sub-official "mole" housemate, chosen via random sampling, entered the House on Day 1 (October 29, 2011).[12][12] A second batch of housemates entered the House on Day 8, although those assigned to the Industrial House were not physically inside until the next day. Eight reserved housemates entered on Days 15, 23 and 25. The ages indicated were the housemates' ages upon their entrance to the House.[13][14]

Name Age Birthplace/residence Ethnicity Source
First batch
Jaz Manabat 24 Quezon City Philippines Filipino [15][16]
Slater Young 23 Cebu City PhilippinesChina FilipinoChinese [15][16]
Kigoy Abarico 32 Ormoc, Leyte Philippines Filipino [15][16]
Tin Patrimonio 19 Cainta, Rizal Philippines Filipino [15][16]
Roy Gamboa 29 Pangasinan Philippines Filipino [15][16]
Kevin Fowler 18 California, USA PhilippinesUnited States Filipino-American [15][16]
Luz McClinton 33 Muntinlupa Philippines Filipino [15][16]
Pamu Pamorada 19 Lipa, Batangas Philippines Filipino [15][16]
Paco Evangelista 26 General Santos City Philippines Filipino [15][16]
Kim de Guzman 19 Olongapo City Philippines Filipino [15][16]
Joseph Biggel 19 Marinduque PhilippinesGermany FilipinoGerman [15][16]
Seichang Ushimi 22 Tokyo, Japan PhilippinesJapan FilipinoJapanese [15][16]
Divine Maitland-Smith 20 Cebu City PhilippinesUnited Kingdom FilipinoBritish [15][16]
Carlo Romero H1 25 Chicago, USA Philippines Filipino [15][16]
Second batch
Jerico Redrico 24 Pampanga Philippines Filipino [13]
Diane Aquino 28 Quezon City Philippines Filipino [13]
Tol Chua 33 Surigao del Sur PhilippinesChina FilipinoChinese [13]
Casey Ann Austria 19 Legazpi, Albay Philippines Filipino [13]
Wendy Tabusalla 22 Muntinlupa PhilippinesIndonesia Filipino-Indonesian [13]
Joya Genzola 24 Negros Occidental Philippines Filipino [13]
Eting Linaban 27 Cebu Philippines Filipino [13]
Jessica Connelly 19 Taguig PhilippinesRepublic of Ireland FilipinoIrish [13]
Lordwin Claveria 23 Quezon Philippines Filipino [13]
Lyn Bagiosa 25 Surigao del Norte Philippines Filipino [13]
Erica Arlante 31 Bacolod Philippines Filipino [13]
Steph Enage 23 Baybay, Leyte Philippines Filipino [13]
Unad Hernandez 24 Batangas Philippines Filipino [13]
Mark Luz 23 Quezon City Philippines Filipino [13]
Naprey Almario 23 Davao Philippines Filipino [13]
Reserved housemates
Cindy Miranda 20 Nueva Ecija Philippines Filipino
Deniesse JoaquinH3 21 Sampaloc, Manila Philippines Filipino
Rhea Lim 26 Pampanga PhilippinesChina FilipinoChinese
Kulas Alon 26 La Union PhilippinesItaly FilipinoIrish
Reg PinedaH2 19 Quezon City Philippines Filipino
RJ Padilla 22 Parañaque PhilippinesGermany FilipinoGerman
Ryan TomasH5 19 Colorado, USA Philippines Filipino
Seth CoxH4 32 California, USA PhilippinesUnited States FilipinoAmerican
Anthony Semerad 20 Manila, Philippines PhilippinesCzech Republic FilipinoCzech
David Semerad 20 Manila, Philippines PhilippinesCzech Republic FilipinoCzech


Similar to the franchise's previous seasons, Big Brother invited guests to his house for special purposes.

Notable houseguests for this season were ex-housemates from previous seasons such as Melisa Cantiveros, Jason Francisco, Franzen Fajardo, Baron Geisler, Beauty Gonzalez, Rica Paras and previous winners, Nene Tamayo, Beatriz Saw, and Keanna Reeves.

^Note H1 : Entered Day 1 as a reserved housemate; became the 14th official housemate on Day 8.[13]
^Note H2 : Entered Day 15 as a reserved housemate; became the 30th official housemate on Day 21.
^Note H3 : Entered Day 15 as a reserved housemate; became the 31st official housemate on Day 22.
^Note H4 : Entered Day 25 as a reserved housemate; became the 32nd official housemate on Day 26.
^Note H5 : Entered Day 23 as a reserved housemate; became the 33rd official housemate on Day 30.

Chronology of notable events[edit]

House Competitions (Kontra Battles)[edit]

On Day 30, Big Brother announced the start of House Competitions, where the two Houses will compete for ten weeks for P150,000 at stake every week. The accumulated pot money for each House will be divided among the remaining housemates of each House after ten weeks. Group immunity from nomination was also put at stake with the seventh and eighth challenges.

The Luxury House residents are known as Team High Voltage and the Industrial House denizens are codenamed Team Wayuk.

Battle No. Date of performance Description Winner
1 November 29, 2011
(Day 32)
Jump Rope Exhibition
The two Houses are tasked to make a three-minute jump rope choreography and exhibition.
High Voltage
2 December 9, 2011
(Day 42)
Human Belen
The Houses are to pose like that of the Nativity scene for ten hours.
3 December 16, 2011
(Day 49)
Original Christmas Song
Part of the Christmachine challenge, the battle would involve the housemates creating an original Christmas song and make a music video as well. Noted experts in the Philippine music industry will judge the songs' merits.
High Voltage
4 December 23, 2011
(Day 56)
Give Big Love
Part of the concert challenge, the winning would be determined by the quality of the housemates' production numbers, as judged by noted experts in the Philippine entertainment industry.
5 December 30, 2011
(Day 63)
Big Ballroom Battle
Both teams will face off through a chacha, samba, and an Argentine tango routine. Two pairs will work on samba and another two for chacha while a lone pair tackles the tango.
High Voltage
6 January 5, 2012
(Day 69)
Both teams will lob water balloons over a high wall using improvised weapons to knock down two small banners and one large banner. Six housemates would serve as the shooters while four others will use improvised shields. One housemate from each team serves as the spotter.
High Voltage
7 January 19, 2012
(Day 83)
SOCOB (Scene of the Crime Operatives sa Bahay ni Kuya)
Both teams would investigate a mock murder case and apply various criminal investigation procedures to crack the case first. The winning team would be exempted from the next nomination round. The name is a play on the ABSCBN crime investigative show SOCO.
8 Week 13 Rat-A-Huli
Both teams are assigned to build various mousetraps to capture as many rats as possible, with two housemates from each team standing guard over their traps. The team who caught the most rats will again receive the cash pot plus nomination immunity. The name of the challenge is a portmanteau of Ratatouille and the Tagalog word huli (catch).
9 Week 15 Double Trouble
One housemate from both teams will be assigned to secretly investigate guest housemates Antonik and Imerich Novak (Anthony and David Semerad) and uncover three mysteries (their Filipino heritage, their capability to speak English/Tagalog, and the pot money the two hid in their belongings). The housemate cannot ask any teammates for help nor use Big Brother's name as a reason in case they are caught. The twin brothers will win the pot money if their cover is not blown by the time they leave the House.
10 February 10, 2012
(Day 105)
Triple Dribble
The twins will coach both teams in a series of basketball-related games.
High Voltage

Weekly tasks[edit]

Below is the list of weekly tasks performed by the housemates. Each of the tasks below are "all-or-nothing" tasks; failure would mean no budget for the next week. There are separate weekly tasks for each House.

The first weekly task was done by the first batch of housemates in the Slums.

Teams High Voltage and Team Wayuk were formed on Day 30. Weekly tasks prior to Day 30 were done by the same sets of housemates, with the exception of the very first weekly task. On Day 22, Jaz and Seichang transferred to the Luxury House and joined in doing Team High Voltage's extended 3rd weekly task. On Day 31, Luz and Seichang transferred to the Industrial House and became part of Team Wayuk.

Starting Day 71, the members of Teams High-Voltage and Wayuk who were drafted into the top 14 were made to do their weekly task as one group.


Task No. Date given Description Result
1 November 7, 2011
(Day 10)
Each housemate must learn 20 different origami designs without looking back at their instruction booklet. At the end of the week, Big Brother will then test their memories and for them to win they must make 17 out of 20 origami designs correctly.
2 November 14, 2011
(Day 17)
Tower of Cards
The housemates must build a stable tower of playing cards as high as their tallest housemate, Seichang.
3 November 20, 2011
(Day 23)
Pop and Lock
The housemates would be taught how to do the Pop and Lock dance with a dance instructor teaching them for the entire week.[17] They would then make a video of them doing the dance which would be posted on the show's Facebook page. The video must accumulate 14,000 "Likes" before the end of the week to deem the task a success.T5
4 November 28, 2011
(Day 30)
The housemates were tasked to ignore at least half of 14 distractions that could appear inside the house all week long. The name of the task is a play on the Tagalog slang word dedma (to feign ignorance of any object/person's existence).[18]
5 December 5, 2011
(Day 38)
Oplan Pinoy
Unad, Kim, and Steph would be respectively assigned to teach and quiz Seichang, Kevin, and Ryan about various aspects of Filipino culture. The object is to make them learn more about their Filipino heritage.
6 December 11, 2011
(Day 44)
The housemates were tasked to hold all-night caroling sessions from December 14 to December 16 by singing eight Christmas songs, including one original composition. The public will be encouraged to request the housemates to sing any of the eight songs for charity at PHP100 a request. The goal is to earn PHP10,000.
7 December 18, 2011
(Day 51)
Give Big Love
The housemates were tasked to organize a live concert with seven production numbers, and also feature a loved one. The proceeds from the sale of the tickets (at PHP10,000 each) will go to the survivors of tropical storm Sendong.
8 December 26, 2011
(Day 59)
Think Positive (YES!)
The housemates were tasked to accept all of Big Brother's tasks, even if they dislike them. They can only say "No" a maximum of three times for the entire week.
9 January 3, 2012
(Day 67)
Doctor Housemates
The housemates would be taught various first-aid techniques and Big Brother will test their knowledge through a series of mock emergencies. Steph, a registered nurse, will be their mentor.

High Voltage[edit]

Task No. Date given Description Result
1 November 6, 2011
(Day 09)
The Secret
As a secret task, Casey was given a rock as an heirloom to which she should perform a dance ritual. She should initially do this alone while everyone was asleep; eventually she must convince five of her fellow housemates (two from her batch and three among the original batch) to do the same.[19]
2 November 15, 2011
(Day 18)
Fish Be With You
The housemates were assigned to fly a remote-controlled fish-shaped balloon they named "Fifi" around the slums for one week. They must not touch the fish, nor let any part of it settle to the ground. Each housemate must take turns at the remote control. T2
3 November 28, 2011
(Day 30)
Walang Pansinan (English approx. Don't React)
The housemates would try to go on about their daily routine in spite of 14 distractions that come into the House. They can look at the distraction and must not show visible reactions, but can freely talk about them when the threat has passed.
4 December 5, 2011
(Day 38)
Joya, Roy, Carlo, Jerico and Eting were tasked to help Kigoy reform his ways.
5 December 11, 2011
(Day 44)
The housemates were tasked to hold all-night caroling sessions from December 14 to December 16 by singing seven pre-selected Christmas songs plus one original composition. The public will be encouraged to request the housemates to sing any of the eight songs for charity at PHP100 a request. The goal is to earn PHP10,000.
6 December 18, 2011
(Day 51)
Give Big Love
The housemates were tasked to organize a live concert with seven production numbers, and also feature a loved one. The proceeds from the sale of the tickets (at PHP10,000 each) will go to the survivors of tropical storm Sendong.
7 December 26, 2011
(Day 59)
The housemates will be subjected to tasks that will test their attitudes and pleasantry. The name of the task is based off the Tagalog word tibay (strength or willpower)
8 January 2, 2012
(Day 66)
Happy News Year
The housemates would produce a news program with some of them serving as the reporters. They will be judged for their news content, delivery of the news, and their poise and composure.

Joint Team (Wayuk & High Voltage)[edit]

Task No. Date given Description Result
1 October 30, 2011
(Day 02)
Sa Hirap o Ginhawa (Through Thick and Thin)
The housemates must win five out of seven challenges given by Big Brother. If they fail, six of the current housemates will be leaving the house.[20]
2 January 9, 2012
(Day 72)
The housemates would assemble various contraptions designed to take them the length of the Resort pool. Four out of six contraptions must take housemates over the water for the task to be declared a success. The name of the task is a play on the Tagalog word lubog (sink).T6
3 January 19, 2012
(Day 83)
Personalized Hot Wheels
The housemates would build two simple nerd machines where a ball would pass, patterned and inspired after the Great Wall of China. The ball would have to successfully pass through the machines at Big Brother's signal - within 20 seconds for one machine and 12 seconds for the other.[21]
4 January 24, 2012
(Day 88)
Unrelieved Names
The nominees will be tasked to memorize all the Chinese names of the housemates. They are paired to answer and do the tasks given by Big Brother.
Passed T7
5 January 30, 2012
(Day 94)
Larawan sa Dilim (English approx Picture in the Darkness)
The housemates will make a shadow play based on some life sketches they made.
6 February 8, 2012
(Day 102)
Great Marinduque Adventure
Two pairs of housemates - Divine and Paco, and Biggel and Slater - will go to Marinduque and do tasks on the island without being recognized by anybody. Success would mean two weeks' budget; failure would result in no two-week budget and automatic nomination.
7 February 24, 2012
(Day 119)
I Am The Big Winner
Each housemate would be challenged to sit in a special throne reserved for the Big Winner. The task will be declared a success if at least six people can sit on the throne for at least 30 minutes each.
8 February 26, 2012
(Day 121)
The housemates must fend off the M6 House Players from distracting them as they do a number of tasks.
9 March 5, 2012
(Day 129)
The housemates will do certain tasks as plantation workers under Baron and Beauty.
10 March 11, 2012
(Day 135)
Fairy Godmothers
The housemates will do certain tasks resembling challenges from previous seasons. Success in all challenges would mean each housemate being granted three wishes, plus a special reward.
11 March 16, 2012
(Day 140)
Unligayang Tanghalan
The housemates will have to do a 48-hour variety show. No single housemate can perform in two straight segments and each segment must have at least two housemates performing. No two segments should be the same (i.e. two game shows with the very same mechanics).
It is also the last task of the season.
     Weekly task was performed in the slums
     Weekly task was performed in the industrial house
     Weekly task was performed in the luxury house
     Weekly task was performed in the outside world
     Weekly task was performed in the hacienda
  • ^T1 : Reserve housemate Carlo lost the 4th task on purpose as part of his secret task as a mole.
  • ^T2 : This task was extended to the Luxury House after the fish flew away from the Slums during its first hour, hence, becoming the team's weekly task for two weeks. Big Brother declared the task a failure because Fifi's tailfin touched the floor frequently.
  • ^T3 : Big Brother declared the task a success because the Luxury housemates ignored nine of 14 distractions.
  • ^T4 : The Luxury and Industrial housemates earned PHP71,500 and PHP48,600, respectively, for charity which resulted a success for both their weekly tasks.
  • ^T5 : By the time accumulation was halted at around 9:30 PM on Day 30, 20,959 "Likes" were posted. The target of 14,000 "Likes" was already reached at around the afternoon of Day 29.
  • ^T6 : Five of the six contraptions were successful - two from Team High Voltage and three from Team Wayuk.
  • ^T7 : The success was assured after the nominees of the week got 20 out of 20 answers correct in a challenge to match each housemate's picture with the proper Chinese characters in the right sequence.
  • ^T8 : The task was declared a partial success because the housemates were recognized during the trip at some point.
  • ^T9 : The task was declared a failure because only one housemate (Paco) sat on the throne.

Head of Household Competitions[edit]

Housemates from each houses will compete against each other, and the winner/s of the competition will be each house's HOH for week. The HOH will be granted immunity in the coming nomination.

Task No. Date given Description Head/s of Household
1 November 21, 2011
(Day 24)
Gender Wars
In the Industrial house, the men will face the female housemates through a series of challenges all week long.
Erica, Jessica, Kim, Lyn, Paco, Pamu, Steph
November 28, 2011
(Day 31)
Fish Be With You
In the Luxury House, each housemate had to maneuver a remote-controlled fish balloon named "Fifi" through an obstacle course.
Carlo, Deniesse, Divine, Seichang
2 December 3 and 4, 2011
(Days 36 and 37)
Unidentified Objects
Each housemate had to wear blacked-out goggles and had to use their chin or elbows to correctly identify certain objects put before them—all in three minutes.
3 December 11, 2011
(Day 44)
Food Helmet
Each housemate had to eat certain food items while wearing a football helmet.
4 January 1, 2012
(Day 65)
Bicycle Race
Both teams will ride bikes to go from one end to the other in the slowest possible time without crossing into the other lane or putting their feet on the ground.
5 February 12, 2012
(Day 107)
Cherry Stemming
Each housemate had to knot a cherry stem using their tongue in the fastest time.
Divine, (Paco)N1
6 February 18, 2012
(Day 113)
Puzzle on a Trampoline
Each housemate will form a puzzle of the Head of Household immunity amulet while jumping on a trampoline.
7 February 24, 2012
(Day 119)
I Am The Big Winner
An extension of the weekly task, which concerned sitting on the throne.
8 February 24, 2012
(Day 119)
M5's Choice
The M5 House Players would pick a housemate to become the Head of Household.
  • ^N1 : Paco did not participate in the challenge, but was declared as HoH to protect his status as house player.
  • ^N2 : Since Paco was the only one to sit on a special throne reserved for the Big Winner, he was declared the HoH.
  • ^N3 : The M5 House Players were explicitly told by Big Brother to pick Paco as HoH to protect his status as house player.

Nomination history[edit]

Big Night at the Grandstand[edit]

On March 31, 2012, 154 days after the season started, at the Quirino Grandstand, Slater Young was declared the Big Winner after amassing 40.02% of the votes. Leaving before him were Second Big Placer Pamu with 21.49% of the votes, Third Big Placer Biggel with 21.39% of the votes and Fourth Big Placer Paco with 17.10% of the votes. Slater thus earned the distinction of being the first male winner of a regular season four years after Ruben Gonzaga was declared as the first male winner of the entire franchise. The Big Night voting was only done overnight, with the Power of One rule in effect. This is also the first and only season wherein only vote percentages are shown and not the actual number of votes. The theme of the Big Night is Filipino style.

This table shows the summary of votes as obtained by each of the Big 4 in the Big Night.

Event Big 4 Votes Result
Big Night Biggel 21.39% 3rd Place
Paco 17.10% 4th Place
Pamu 21.49% Runner-Up
Slater 40.02% Winner


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