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A pinstriping brush is the tool of traditional free hand pinstripers use for pinstriping. Freehand pinstriping is the most difficult method of pinstriping[citation needed] and the brush is an important tool for design. Pinstriping brushes have several different designs, Swords, Daggers, and Flats, as well as Double line brushes.[1] The brush consists of a small wood dowel handle, string or brass fixture with adhesive and brush hairs traditionally made from squirrel hair (confusingly called camel hair). The small wood dowel is balanced so pinstripers can freely spin the brush between their fingers. The dowel's short length is so the brush does not hit the palm of the hand while the brush is placed in-between the index finger and thumb. The hair of a pinstriping brush is relatively long at approximately 2 inches,or more, compared to most artistic brushes of a similar size. This long length is to hold the necessary amount of paint to pull a long line.

Cleaning and storage[edit]

After every use of a pinstriping brush the brush must be cleaned in order to not damage the brush once paint dries. Cleaning procedure consist of submerging the brush hairs in mineral spirits,[2] the brush is then laid down and the brush hairs are gently worked through to remove all paint and residue.[citation needed]

The brush hair is delicate and must be stored properly between usage. The brush should be stored laid flat and soaked in brush oil.[citation needed]