Piola (Milan Metro)

Coordinates: 45°28′51″N 9°13′31″E / 45.48083°N 9.22528°E / 45.48083; 9.22528
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Logo Metropolitane Italia.svg Piola
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General information
LocationPiazzale Piola, Milan
Coordinates45°28′51″N 9°13′31″E / 45.48083°N 9.22528°E / 45.48083; 9.22528
Owned byAzienda Trasporti Milanesi
Structure typeUnderground
Other information
Fare zoneSTIBM: Mi1[1]
Opened27 September 1969; 53 years ago (1969-09-27)
Preceding station Milan Metro Following station
Loreto Line 2 Lambrate

Piola is a station of the Milan Metro, on line M2. The station grants direct access to the Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI).


Piola station was activated on September 27, 1969, as part of the first section of line 2, between Cascina Gobba and Caiazzo.[2][3][4]

Structures and facilities[edit]

The underground station is named after the nearby Piazzale Gabrio Piola, though it does not have a direct access to the square. There are three entrances to the station: Via Pacini, Via Bazzini, and Via d'Ovidio near Politecnico di Milano Architecture Building.

Piola station primarily serves the Politecnico di Milano, Città Studi area near the University of Milan and the Istituto dei Tumori.


Several urban bus lines stop near the station:

  • Fermata filobus Trolley stop (V.le Gran Sasso P.le Piola M2, lines 90 e 91]])
  • Fermata filobus Trolley stop (V.le Romagna P.le Piola M2, lines 90 e 91]])
  • Fermata autobus Bus stop


The station has:


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