Pioneer (video game)

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Platform(s) Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Release 2006
Genre(s) Space trading and combat simulator
Mode(s) Single player

Pioneer is a free and open source space trading and combat simulator video game inspired by the commercial proprietary Frontier: Elite 2.[1][2] It is available for most desktop computer operating systems.

Landing on Miranda Colony


Pioneer is set at the start of the 31st century. The player may choose from one of three starting locations: Earth, New Hope or a space station around Barnard's Star.[3]


The game has no set objective, and the player is free to explore the galaxy and accrue money by performing tasks like trading, piracy or combat missions, allowing them to achieve a higher rank, buy better ships and equipment and hire more crew.

It has a realistic flight and orbital model based on Newtonian physics and a rudimentary atmospheric model with drag and heat build-up.


It is written in C++[4] and uses OpenGL for graphical rendering. It uses Lua for scripting support. As of 2016 the game is in active development.[5]


Pioneer was described by PCGamer as "incredibly slick".[6]

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