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Pioneer Bible Translators
Pioneer Bible Translators Logo.png
Abbreviation PBT
Formation 1976
Founder Al Hamilton
Type Non-profit
Headquarters Dallas, Texas

Dave Butts, Chairman
Mike Chambers, Vice Chairman
Janet Hayes, Corporate Secretary
Bill Bourland, Board Member
Hank Daughtry, Board Member
Tom Ewald, Board Member
Doyle & Susan Jennings, Board Member
Dick Jorgensen, Board Member
Pat Magness, Board Member
Greg Pruett, President of Pioneer Bible Translators
Bridget Schnautz, Board Member

Wes Whitley, Board Member
Slogan Prayer is Our Strategy

Pioneer Bible Translators is a non-profit, 501(c)(3)[1] mission organization. It has received Charity Navigator's highest ranking (four out of four stars) for financial accountability.[2] Pioneer Bible Translators is a member of Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability[3] and the Forum of Bible Agencies International. Pioneer Bible Translators has been a member of the ECFA since October 24th, 1989.[4]

Former United States Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers previously served on the Pioneer Bible Translators board.[5]


Pioneer Bible Translators bridges the gap between the church and the Bible-less peoples around the world. Their team is composed of Bible translators, literacy evangelists, church planters and a variety of support personnel transforming lives through God's Word in every language.[6]

The vision of Pioneer Bible Translators is "Transformed lives through God’s Word in every language."[7]

Pioneer Bible Translators is an evangelical, non-denominational mission.[8]


Pioneer Bible Translators has its roots in the Restoration Movement. The organization was initially influenced by Cameron Townsend of Wycliffe Bible Translators, Donald McGavran of the Church Growth movement, and Eugene Nida of the United Bible Societies.[9] It incorporated in 1976 in Dallas, Texas.[10]

Pioneer Bible Translators has recently had two of its missionaries serve as president of the International Conference On Missions. Greg Pruett, missionary and Bible translator with the Yalunka people in West Africa, and Pioneer Bible Translators current president,[11] served in 2003. Marsha Relyea Miles, missionary and Bible translator[11] in Papua New Guinea, served in 2007.[12]

In 2012, Pioneer Bible Translators and Johnson University formed an educational partnership to educate new recruits of Pioneer Bible Translators as they prepare to go to the field. [13]

In 2016, The JESUS Film Project completed its 1,400th translation of the film. Pioneer Bible Translators has contributed to many of the films to help make the film understandable by various cultures.[14] Pioneer Bible Translators has also been assisting in the development and implementation of Render, to allow the translation of the Bible into oral and aural cultures.[15]


Pioneer Bible Translators is currently serving 26 million people in 62 language projects in 14 countries, and currently have between 100 and 149 personnel serving outside of the United States.[16]


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