Pioneer Telephone

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Pioneer Telephone
Industry Telecommunications
Headquarters Portland, Maine

Pioneer Telephone is a privately held company with headquarters in Portland, Maine, it was founded by Peter Bouchard, who continues to run the company today. It is a facility based telecommunication carrier of long-distance telephone service in the United States. As of October 2011, Pioneer Telephone had more than 2,000,000 customers in 48 states.

In 2005, Pioneer Telephone purchased the long-distance telephone business of bankrupt Adelphia Communications Corporation for about $1.2 million;[1] the sale was completed later that year.[2] Adelphia's phone service had 110,000 customers in 27 states(telephone & long-distance services).

In November, 2008 Pioneer Telephone purchased all the residential and small to medium size business customers from Level 3 Communications in Denver, CO. Pioneer's upper management now states they will roll out local service in 15 states in 2009. Peter Bouchard, the company founder continues to seek innovative methods to save customers money while offering a high level product.