Pionerskaya railway station

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Ozerki line
line Vyborg line
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line Small October railway
Left arrow Lesnaya
6.2 Ozernaya ↔
line Vyborg line
Down arrow Finland Station
Down arrow Udelnaya
5.0 Grafskiy Pavilion
3.0 Kolomuagi
line Small October railway
Left arrow Kirovskaya
2.0 Skachki
line Tovarnaya line
Right arrow Finland Station
Right arrow Flyugov post
line SPb-Sestr-Beloostrov
Right arrow Finland Station
Right arrow Lanskaya
Severny factory
Novaya Derevnya 1893
line SPb-Sestr-Beloostrov
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Primorsky - goods
0.0 Primorsky Rail T. (before 1924)
To Summer Garden
Distances in kilometers
Closed commuter service passenger station
Kolomyagi railway station.jpg
Rail station in 1900s
General information
Coordinates60°0′58″N 30°18′1″E / 60.01611°N 30.30028°E / 60.01611; 30.30028Coordinates: 60°0′58″N 30°18′1″E / 60.01611°N 30.30028°E / 60.01611; 30.30028
Line(s)Small October railway
ConnectionsHistorical Ozerki line
Platform levelslow
Closed1927,[1] 1990

Pionerskaya rail station (Russian: Ста́нция Пионе́рская) is a railway station located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

It was constructed by the joint-stock company of the Prinorskaya St.-Peterburg-Sestroretsk railway and was opened with the Ozerki line on July 23, 1893.[2]

In 1948 it was re-opened as a part of the narrow-gauge Small October railway under the name the Zoopark. In 1969 it was renamed to Pionerskaya, and was closed in 1990.


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