Pionirska dolina

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Pionirska dolina
Pionirska dolina 17.jpg
Pionirska dolina 16.jpg
Entrance to Pionirska dolina
LocationKoševo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates43°52′39.41″N 18°24′42.65″E / 43.8776139°N 18.4118472°E / 43.8776139; 18.4118472
Land area8,5 ha
No. of species57 (2014)
OwnerKJKP Park
WebsiteKJKP Park official site

Pioneer Valley (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian: Pionirska dolina / Пионирска долина) is a recreational and entertainment center and zoo located in Koševo neighborhood, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Recreation and entertainment center "Pioneer Valley" and the zoo is the oldest zoo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the Austro-Hungarian period was located in Ilidža, but later it was relocated to the northeastern part of Sarajevo, just 2 kilometers away from downtown, in the municipality of Centar.[1]


In Pionirska dolina zoo there are 57 species of animals from all over the world.

In February 2013, it is announced that Sofia Zoo will donate two lions to Pionirska dolina zoo.[2] After they were donated in March 2013, a lioness died after several days. Cause of the death was infection with E. coli.[3]

World of dinosaurs[edit]

During the period between January 25 and February 19, 2012, Pionirska dolina hosted an exhibition with 52 dinosaurs, reconstructed by German Palaeontological Research Center, under the strict supervision of Paleontology museum in Hanover.[4]



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